True Faith in God | Short Film “Accompanied by God’s Love I’ll Be Faithful Till Death”

She is very kindly and helpful. However, she found it painful to deal with the complicated human relationships, for she was often met with suspicion and misunderstanding when associating with others. Later, a relative preached Almighty God’s gospel in the last days to her. In the Church of Almighty God, she saw brothers and sisters were sincere with each other, which made her feel released in the heart. Later, she was elected as the church leader. Just when she was cooperating in the church work with full confidence, she was arrested by the CCP government…. In order to draw from her some information about the church, the vicious policemen used cruel tortures to torment her, which caused her to undergo great afflictions and faint several times. However, God’s love accompanied her throughout the tribulation: When she was tortured maliciously, God removed her pain miraculously and carried her through. When she was weak, God encouraged her with His words, and maneuvered the surrounding things to make a way out for her. When vicious policemen used schemes to tempt her, God’s timely enlightenment made her see through Satan’s schemes. Through that persecution, she has seen Satan’s evil and baseness, and experienced God’s almightiness, sovereignty, wonderfulness, and wisdom. Thus, she has more and practical knowledge of God, and believes more firmly that God is the truth, the way, and the life! With God as her reliance, she no longer fears any forces of Satan, but only wishes to obey God’s orchestrations and arrangements and be faithful till death.


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