The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “The Turn in My Life of Belief in God”

Gao Jun was a businessman. Failing to resist the temptation of the evil trend, he became fallen gradually: going to the KTVs, go to the gambling houses, going whoring… Because of this, his wife left home. He wanted to leave the evil ways to follow good, however, having long sunk in the mire, he was unable to extricate himself. … In pain and helplessness, Almighty God’s salvation came upon him, making him realize his errors and mend his way, and back together with his wife. However, just when he was following God to walk the right way of human life, he was arrested and tortured by the CCP government. Several times he He was tortured until he fainted to faint several times and even thought of dying to free himself. … In danger, Almighty God used his word to be his life power, and showed to him many times God’s wonderful deeds: the electric baton didn’t work, the rope loosened, the hard concrete floor became as soft as cotton…. It was Almighty God’s words that led him to fight a life-and-death battle with Satan in the devils’ den. Finally, he bore a good and resounding testimony for God! This special experience made him discern right and wrong and truly know what to love and what to hate, and it became an important turn in his life of believing in God. …


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