The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “Having the Truth, One Will Have Strength”

She once had a little warm family, but her husband’s betrayal overwhelmed her with misery and took away her courage to live. … Just as she headed for an impasse, Almighty God stretched out His hand of salvation to her. From the word expressed by Almighty God, she knew the root of man’s suffering, understood the value and meaning of man’s living, and had a true goal of life. For more people who lived in confusion and misery to find the true human life, she started performing duty actively to repay God’s love.

Out of her expectation, in May, 2009, she was shadowed and arrested by several undercover cops when performing duty. During the interrogation, to force her into selling out the church, the CCP evil cops tortured and insulted her ceaselessly: punching and kicking her, pouring icy water on her, jabbing her with electricity batons, and rolling an iron rod back and forth on her arms and legs. They even forced her to strip herself naked for a display before over a hundred prisoners. … Confronted with the devils’ crazy torture, she was once painful and weak. However, God had never left her, inspiring and guiding her continuously, giving her faith and unexhausted strength. Thus, she overcame satanic despotic power time and again and bore a strong and resounding testimony.


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