The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “The Never-fading Life Force”

Her name is Liu Yuxiang. Like all other peasants in the world, she labored hard all her life without knowing what one truly lives for despite her age. After she accepted Almighty God’s end-time work, she found the true meaning of human life in God’s word. From then on, her life was full of joy and laughter. However, before long, learning that she took care of the church offerings, the CCP government arrested her and interrogated her by cruel tortures for the money. Inhumanly tortured by the cops, she fainted several times and even tried to commit suicide twice. … In danger, Almighty God’s word inspired her to understand God’s will, gave her faith and strength, and led her to transcend the bondage of death and Hades. After experiencing the devil’s affliction, not only was she not stricken down, but instead her determination to pursue the truth and long for light was strengthened.


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