The Church of Almighty God | Short Film “God’s Light Led Me To Break Through the Darkness”

She was once a teacher and was a devout Christian as well. Since she could remember, she had been eagerly expecting the return of the Lord Jesus. In 2003 the gospel of Almighty God came upon her. Through reading the word of God, she was certain that Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus. However, once when she preached the great news to those who longed for the return of the Lord, she was arrested by the Chinese government. During the interrogation, she was tortured and afflicted cruelly by the vicious police of the CCP. In the labor camp, she was insulted, abused and beaten by the prisoners. All those made her feel distressed and hopeless, at a loss about her future. Thanks to the enlightenment and guidance of Almighty God’s word, she had the faith and strength to overcome the devil and saw God’s almightiness, sovereignty, goodness, and realness. Also, she saw through the Chinese government’s evil and reactionary substance, had hatred for it from the bottom of her heart, and resolutely betrayed and rejected it. From then on, she is closer to God in the heart and more determined to follow God and repay God’s love by performing the duty of a created being no matter what persecution or affliction comes upon her.


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