God’s Word Is a Lamp to My Feet | Short Film “Indomitable on the Way of Loving God”

She was born into a Christian family and believed in Jesus along with her family since childhood. Later, the cruel persecution of the CCP government deprived them of the freedom of belief. In distress and helplessness, they called out to God for the way of salvation every day…. In 2000, they finally met Almighty God, the end-time Christ, that is, the Lord Jesus they had earnestly expected for many years. Just when she and her family greatly rejoiced, they suffered another persecution of the CCP government. In order to escape the hunting of the government and perform the duty as a created being normally, they had to live a fugitive life for twelve years…. On December 5th, 2012, she was arrested by the CCP government when preaching the gospel and suffered the devils’ inhuman and cruel tortures. They shackled her hands and feet to the iron chair and kept her squatting half down in the air for over four hours. A female cop even poured boiled water onto her and battered her wildly with the glass…. During several months of cruel interrogation, Almighty God guided her with His word full of authority and gave her courage and boundless strength, so that she could be fearless and composed. From the hardships and tribulations all the way, she saw God’s almightiness, wisdom, and transcendent life force. She is willing to strive harder to pursue the truth and preach the gospel to testify God, so as to welcome the day God gains glory!


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