Almighty God’s Word “No Fleshly Man Can Escape the Day of Wrath” | The Church of Almighty God

Almighty God says, “The mankind conquered in the end time will be the mankind who will be left and receive eternal blessings, and they will be the only proof after my defeat of satan and also be the only spoils of the war. All these ‘spoils’ will be the ones saved by me from the authority of satan and will be the only crystallization and rich fruit of my six-thousand-year management plan. They will be from every nation and tribe and from every place and country in the entire universe; they are of different races, different languages, different customs, and of different colors, scattered in every nation and tribe and even in every corner of the whole earth; in the end they will be gathered together and combined into a complete mankind and into a community of people who are beyond the reach of satanic forces. Those not saved and conquered by me will all become silent at the bottom of the sea, and I will put my consuming fire on them forever. “


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