Praise Songs | Gospel Music “Chinese Choir Episode 2”

Almighty God, brimming with glory, has quietly arrived among a group of people He will save, and personally carries out the work of the Age of Kingdom. In order to save man from the domain of Satan completely, God has expressed millions of words to supply the life of man, judge man’s rebellion and chastise man’s unrighteousness, and show man ways of practice. God’s love for man is not possessed by any created being. Gradually, under the guidance of God’s word, all men know His identity and status, completely reject Satan and submit before God. From this we can see that God has fully defeated Satan, and God’s work is about to be concluded with great glory.

1. The Holy Spiritual Body of Almighty God Has Appeared
2. God’s Work Cannot Be Done by Anyone in His Stead
3. God Has Brought His Glory to the East
4. The Mark of God’s Triumph
5. God Quietly Arrives Among Men
6. God’s Love Is Not Possessed by Any Created Being

Kingdom Songs of Praise “The Significance of the Appearance of God”
Kingdom Songs of Praise “Praise the Accomplishment of God’s Work”
Faith-Hope-Love | Musical Drama “Xiaozhen’s Story”
Gospel Movie “God’s Name Has Changed?!”


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