Almighty God’s Word “A Talk About ‘The Millennial Kingdom Has Come'”

What do you think of the vision of the Millennial Kingdom? Some people think a lot about it, saying, “The Millennial Kingdom will be on earth for a thousand years. Some older ones in the church have not got married; should they get married? My family does not have money; should I earn money?” What is the Millennial Kingdom? Do you know? People cannot see that clearly and thus have suffered much refining. Actually, the Millennial Kingdom has not come formally. In the period of perfecting people, the Millennial Kingdom is only a shadow. At the time of the “Millennial Kingdom” spoken of by God, people will have been perfected. In the past, God said that people would all be like holy ones, standing in the land of Sinim. When people have been perfected, they will be the holy ones spoken of by God. By that time, the Millennial Kingdom will have come. God’s perfecting people is to purify them. The more they are purified, the more they will be perfected by God. When the filthy elements, disobedient elements, resistant elements, and fleshly things within you are all removed and cleansed away, you will be one whom God is pleased with (that is, a holy one). When you have been perfected by God and have become a holy one, then you will be in the Millennial Kingdom. Now is the Age of the Kingdom. In the Age of the Millennial Kingdom, all people will live by God’s word, and all nations will come under God’s name and come to read God’s word. At that time, people will take God’s word by all kinds of means, some by telephone, some by telegram…. You will also come under God’s word. All these will happen after people have been perfected. Now God perfects and refines people and inspires and guides people through his word. This time is the Age of the Kingdom, the period of perfecting people, which is not related to the Age of the Millennial Kingdom. In the Age of the Millennial Kingdom, people will have been perfected and purified of all the corrupt dispositions within them. The words God speaks at that time will guide people step by step, disclose the mysteries of all the work he has done from the creation of the world until now, and tell people what he does in each age, what he does each day, how he guides men within them, the work he does in the spiritual realm, and the movement in the spiritual realm. That time will truly be the Age of the Word. Now is only a miniature of it. If people have not been perfected and purified, they cannot live on earth for a thousand years. The flesh is something sure to decay. When they have been purified within and have no satanic, fleshly things, they can remain alive on earth. In this stage you cannot yet see this clearly. What you should experience now is to love God and bear testimony for God as long as you live on earth.

“The Millennial Kingdom Has Come” is a prophecy, which corresponds to the prophecy of a prophet, and God prophesies the future things now. The words God speaks in the future will be different from the words he speaks now. The words he speaks in the future are for guiding the age, while the words he speaks now are for perfecting people and refining and dealing with people. The Age of the Word in the future spoken of will be different from the Age of the Word spoken of now. All the words God speaks now, no matter in what way, are for perfecting people and purifying them of the filthiness within them, so that they can become holy and become a righteous man before God. The words God speaks now are different from the words he will speak in the future. The words spoken in the Age of the Kingdom are for people to enter into all exercises, to enter the right track in all aspects, and to cast off all their unclean things, which is what God does in this age, so that God’s words can be the foundation within everyone and be the life of everyone and they will always have God’s word inspiring and guiding them within and will be rebuked and disciplined by God’s word within when they do not care for God’s will. The words now are to be people’s life, directly supplying what they need. All that you lack within is supplied by God’s words. All those who accept God’s words are inspired through eating and drinking God’s words. The words spoken in the future are for guiding the people of the entire universe. Now God can only speak these words in China, which does not represent the entire universe. Only when the Millennial Kingdom comes will God utter his voice to the entire universe. You should know that all the words God speaks now are for perfecting people and the words he speaks in this stage are for supplying what people need, not to let you know some mysteries or see some signs and wonders. He speaks in so many ways just in order to supply what people need. Now the Age of the Millennial Kingdom has not come yet. The Age of the Millennial Kingdom I speak of will be the day God gains glory. After the stage of Jesus’ work in Judea had been accomplished, God transferred his work to Mainland China. He has made another plan, doing another part of his work on you, doing the work of the word perfecting man, causing you to undergo a lot of sufferings and receive a lot of his grace as well through his word. In this stage of work, he will make a group of overcomers. When he has made a group of overcomers, who can testify his deeds, can have practical living out, and can practically satisfy him and be faithful to him unto death, then he will have gained glory. When God has gained glory, that is, when he has perfected this group of people, it will be the Age of the Millennial Kingdom.

Jesus was on earth for thirty-three and a half years. He came just to do the work of crucifixion, and through his crucifixion, God gained one part of his glory. When God came into the flesh, he could be humble and hidden and could endure extremely great sufferings. Although he was God Godself, he endured all humiliations, endured all slanders, and endured extremely great pain to be crucified, accomplishing the redemptive work. After that stage of work ended, people saw that God had gained a great glory, but that was not all God’s glory, and God only gained one part of his glory through Jesus. In spite of the fact that Jesus could endure all sufferings, could be humble and hidden, and could be crucified for God, God only gained one part of his glory, and his glory was gained in Israel. God has another part of his glory, that is, coming to earth to perfect a group of people by working practically. In the stage of Jesus’ work, God did some supernatural things. Yet in that stage his purpose was not just to perform signs and wonders, but mainly to make it seen that Jesus could endure sufferings and be crucified for God, and he could endure extremely great sufferings because of loving God, and that although God forsook him, he was willing to dedicate his whole life for God’s will. After God finished his work in Israel, after Jesus was crucified, God has gained his glory and has borne a testimony before satan. Yet how God came to China and was incarnated, you have not known or seen; then from where can you see that God has gained glory? God has done much conquering work on you, and you have stood. This work of God then has succeeded. This is a part of God’s glory. You have only seen this. But you have not been perfected by God and have not given your hearts completely to God. This glory you have not fully seen. You have only seen that God has conquered your hearts so that you can never leave him again and will follow him to the end without a change of heart. This is God’s glory. From where can you see God’s glory? You can see it from the results God’s work has produced in people. People have seen that God is really so lovely, and they have God in their hearts and do not want to leave God. This is God’s glory. The zeal of the brothers and sisters in the churches is stirred up, and they can love God from their hearts and see that God’s work is extremely powerful, his word is incomparably powerful, his word is with authority, and he can even carry out his work in Mainland China, the fortress of demons. Although people have weaknesses, their hearts have bowed before God and are willing to accept God’s word. Although they are weak and unworthy, they can see that God’s word is so lovely and so worthy to be treasured by man. This is God’s glory. One day when all people have been perfected by God and can surrender before God and obey God completely, committing their future and destiny into God’s hand, God will have fully gained the second part of his glory. That is to say, when the practical God’s work has been completely finished, God’s work in Mainland China will come to a conclusion, that is, when those predestined and selected by God have all been perfected, then God will have gained glory. God said that he had moved the second part of his glory to the East, yet people cannot see that with their physical eyes. When God has brought his work to the East, it means that he has come to the East. This is God’s glory. Although it has not been accomplished now, yet since he has decided to do it, he can surely accomplish it. God will accomplish this work in China, and he has determined to make you complete. Therefore, now he has blocked all your ways of escape, that is, he has conquered your hearts; you have to go on, whether you want to or not. When you have been gained by God, God will have gained glory. Now he has not fully gained glory, because you have not been made complete. Although your hearts have been given to God, you still have a lot of weaknesses of the flesh and cannot satisfy God or care for God’s will, and you still have a lot of negative things that need to be cast off.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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