Almighty God’s Word “The Wicked Will Be Punished” | The Church of Almighty God

It is a principle of conduct for those who believe in God to examine whether what one does is righteous or not, and whether one’s actions can stand up to God’s scrutiny. You can be called righteous as you can satisfy God, and because you accept God’s watching over and protecting you. In God’s eyes, righteous people are those who accept His care, protection and perfection and are gained by Him. They are seen by God as precious people. The more one accepts God’s present words, the more one can understand God’s will, thereby the more able one will be to live out God’s words and satisfy His demands. This is what God asks of you, it is what you should all do. If you measure and limit God by your notions, as if saying that God is like a clay statue which never changes, completely restrict God within the Bible, and confine Him within a limited range of works, it shows that you have condemned God. Because the Jews in the Old Testament age idolized God in a fixed image in their minds, as if God could only be called the Messiah and only the Messiah could be God, and because man treated God as if He was a clay statue (which is lifeless) for their sacrifices and worship, they nailed Jesus of that time to the cross and sentenced Him to death. The innocent Jesus was condemned to death. God was innocent, but man refused to spare Him and instead sentenced Him to death. Jesus was therefore crucified on the cross. People always think that God is fixed and unchangeable. They circumscribe God according to the Bible, as if they’ve seen through God’s management, and as if God’s behavior and conduct are within man’s control. Humans are ridiculous to the extreme, and they are extremely arrogant, and they are good at talking big. No matter how profoundly you know God, I still say that you do not know Him. You are the person who resists God the most, and you are the person who condemns God, because you simply do not know how to obey God’s work and walk the path He has set to perfect man. Why is God never satisfied with the deeds of men? Because men never know God; they have too many notions of their own, and none of their knowledge of God is in line with the reality. Rather, it is rigid and inflexible, one size fits all. Therefore, when God descends to earth today, He is nailed to the cross again by man. How cruel mankind is! They trick each other, fight against each other, struggle for fame and fortune and destroy one another. When are these going to end? Despite that God has said millions of words, no one comes to a realization. They work for their families, their children, their jobs and prospects, their status, their vanity and money, and they work for food, clothing and the flesh. Who is truly working for God? Even amongst those who are working for God, very few of them know God. How many of them are not working for their personal interests? How many of them aren’t suppressing others and rejecting others in order to maintain their own positions? Thus, for countless times, God was forcibly sentenced to death. Many cruel judges convicted God and re-crucified God on the cross. How many are truly for God and can be known as righteous men?

Is it so easy to be made perfect to become a saint or a righteous man in front of God? “There are no righteous men on earth, and righteous men do not exist on earth,” this is indeed the truth. When you come before God, reflect on what you wear, your words and deeds, your behavior, your thoughts and ideas—all these, even the dreams you dream of every day, are for yourselves. Is that not so? “Righteousness” is not about giving charity to others, or loving your neighbors as yourself, and it doesn’t mean no arguing or fighting, no stealing from or robbing of others, but no matter where or when taking what God entrusts to you as your own responsibility and submitting to God’s orchestrations and arrangements as your mission, just as everything the Lord Jesus did. That is the righteousness God is talking about. The reason why Lot was called a righteous man was because Lot saved two angels sent by God without thinking about his own gains and losses. It can only be said that what he did at that time was a righteous deed, but he couldn’t be considered as a righteous man. Lot met God, so he exchanged his two daughters for the two angels. Nevertheless, what he did prior to that wasn’t all righteousness. That’s why I said “there are no righteous men on earth.” In this stream of recovery, no one can be treated as a righteous man. No matter how well you carry out your deeds, how you appear to glorify God’s name, how you don’t strike any blows nor do you curse anyone, how you don’t rob nor do you steal, none of these can be considered as righteousness, because these are what a normal person should possess. What matters now is that you don’t know God, and it can only be said that now you have got some normal humanity, but you don’t have the element of righteousness that God refers to. Therefore, your behavior and conduct do not prove that you know God.

Previously God stayed in heaven, and men did things to deceive God. Now, God has come among men for many years, and nobody knows about it. But men are still doing things to palter with God and to deceive God. Does this not show that men’s thoughts are badly lagging behind? Just like Judas, before Jesus arrived, he kept lying and deceiving his brothers and sisters; after Jesus arrived, he still didn’t correct his behavior, and he didn’t know Jesus at all. Eventually he betrayed Jesus. Isn’t this because he did not know God? If you still don’t know God today, then you will become Judas, and what follows is a re-enactment of the tragedy of Jesus being crucified on the cross during the Age of Grace a few thousand years ago. Do you not believe it? This is true! Now most people are in this situation. Perhaps I spoke a little soon; such people are all characters who play the role of Judas. I am not talking nonsense, I have factual evidence. It’s out of the question for you not to be convinced. Many people look modest in appearance; actually, what fills up their hearts is a pond of stagnant water, it is a cesspool. Currently, there are too many people like this in the church. You think that I don’t know any of this. My Spirit backs Me up and is My witness today. Do you think that I don’t know anything? How can I not understand the sneaky thoughts and dodgy things in the minds of people like you? Is God so easily deceived and can be treated whichever way you want? In the past, I was worried that you felt restrained, so I kept releasing you. But man is ungrateful, if he is given an inch he’ll take a yard. You can ask each other. I have almost never dealt with anyone, and I don’t criticize anyone easily, but I am clear about men’s intentions and notions. Do you think that God Himself whom God testifies to is muddleheaded? In that case, I’ll say you are a very blind person. I won’t criticize you, just to see how corrupt you can become, and whether your smart tricks can save you or your love of God can save you. I won’t declare your guilt now, but wait until God’s time has come and see how God repays you. I don’t have time now to chitchat with you; I am not willing to delay My bigger tasks because of you. A maggot like you is not worthy of God’s time, see to what degree of wantonness you will reach. Men such as this are not trying to know God at all, they do not love God one tiny bit, but still hope to be known as righteous men by God. Isn’t it a joke? After all, there is a small portion of people who are honest, so I merely keep supplying life to men. I only do My best in what I am supposed to do now. In future, everybody will be rewarded according to how they behaved. I’ve said what I’m supposed to say, because this is My job. I only do what I should do, and I won’t do what I shouldn’t do. But I hope that you would reflect more, asking yourself how much of your knowledge of God is true. Are you someone who nails God to the cross again? The last thing I want to say is: Woe to those who crucify God.

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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