Almighty God | Peter’s Experience—His Knowledge of Chastisement and Judgment

In chastisement, Peter could pray like this, “God! My flesh is disobedient, and you chastise me and judge me. I take your chastisement and judgment as a joy. Even if you do not want me, I can see your holy and righteous disposition from your judgment. You judge me so that others can see your righteous disposition in your judgment, and thus I will be content. As long as your disposition can be expressed so that your righteous disposition can be seen by all created beings, and I can have a purer heart of loving you and live up to the image of a righteous man through your judgment, such judgment of yours is good, for this is your good purpose. I know I still have much disobedience in me and I am still unworthy to come before you. I am willing to be judged by you more. Adverse circumstances or great tribulations, whatever you do, are precious to me. Your love is too deep. I am willing to submit to your manipulation, without any complaints.” This is the knowledge Peter gained through experiencing God’s work, and it is also his testimony of loving God. Now what are your manifestations after you have been conquered? Someone says this: “It is God’s exceedingly great grace and uplifting that I have been conquered by God. Now I have found that human life is empty and meaningless. It is so meaningless to live and it is better to die. Men busy themselves all their life, bearing and raising children, generation after generation, and in theend they gain nothing. Today after being conquered by God, I have seen clearly that it is worthless for man to live like this and it is truly a meaningless life. It is better to die!” Can such a conquered one be gained by God? Can he be a specimen and model? He is a negative example, having no will and not pursuing progress! Even though he has been conquered, such a passive one cannot be perfected. After Peter had been perfected, that is, when his end was near, he said, “God! If my life can continue for a few more years, I will love you more purely and more deeply.” And when it was time for him to be crucified, he still prayed in his heart, “God! Now your time has come. That is, the time you set for me has come. I must go to the cross for you and bear this testimony for you. May my love satisfy your requirement, and may my love be purer. Today I can die for you and be crucified for you, and I feel comforted and relieved in my heart. This is because I can be crucified for you and can satisfy your desire. As I can consecrate myself and my life completely to you, I feel greatly gratified in my heart. God! You are really lovely. If you let me continue to live, I will bemore willing to love you. As long as I live, I will love you. I am willing to love you more deeply. Because of my unrighteousness and sin, I receive your judgment, chastisement, and trial, and even more I see your righteous disposition. This is a blessing to me, because I can love you more deeply. Even if you do not love me, I am willing to love you this way. I am willing to see your righteous disposition, because this can make me better live out a meaningful life. I always feel that my living now is more meaningful, because I go to the cross for your sake. To die for you is meaningful. But I am not yet content, because I know too little of you. I know I cannot fully satisfy your desire and I have repaid you with too little. I failed to repay you with my all in my life, and I am far from that. Now thinking of this, I feel greatly indebted. I can only use this moment to make up for all my trespasses and all the love I have not repaid you with.”

Everyone should pursue to live out a meaningful life. Do not be content with your present situation. To live out the image of Peter, you have to have Peter’s knowledge and Peter’s experience. You should pursue higher and deeper things, pursue to love God more deeply and more purely, and pursue a worthy and meaningful life. Only this is human life, and only such a person is one like Peter. You should pay attention to initiatively entering in on the positive side. Do not be passive and draw back for being content with temporary ease while neglecting the deeper and more detailed and practical truths. You should have a practical love. You should make every effort to break free from such a fallen and carefree life like an animal’s and live out a meaningful life and a worthy life. Do not fool yourself, and do not play with your life as a toy. With everyone who has the will and loves God, there is no truth he cannot gain, and there is no justice he cannot stand up for. How should you live your whole life? How should you love God so as to satisfy God’s heart’s desire? These are the greatest things in your whole life. Most importantly, you should have such a will and such perseverance. Do not be a spineless weakling. You should learn to experience a meaningful life and experience meaningful truths. Do not treat yourself perfunctorily like this. After your life glides away imperceptibly, will you still have such an opportunity to love God? Is it possible for man to love God after his death? You should have the will and the conscience like Peter’s and should live with meaning. Do not trifle with yourself! As a man, a man who pursues God, you should think about and treat your life seriously: how you should consecrate yourself to God, how you should believe in God more meaningfully, and since you love God, how you should love God more purely, more beautifully, and more perfectly. Now you should not just be content to be conquered, but should consider how to walk your future path. You should have the will and the courage to be perfected. Do not always think that you cannot make it. Will the truth show partiality to anyone? Will the truth oppose anyone purposely? If you pursue the truth, will the truth press you down? If you stand up for justice, will justice knock you down? If you really have the will to pursue life, will life shun you? You do not have the truth, not because the truth ignores you but because you stay away from the truth; you cannot stand up for justice, not because justice makes a mistake but because you think that justice distorts the fact; you fail to gain life after pursuing for years, not because life is conscienceless toward you but because you are conscienceless toward life and you banish life; you live in the light but fail to gain the light, not because the light fails to light you up but because you do not pay attention to the existence of the light at all and the light thus leaves quietly. You do not pursue, and this can only mean that you are a worthless wretch, you do not have the courage to live, you do not have the spirit to rebel against the force of darkness, and you are too cowardly! You cannot break free from the siege of satanic forces and are willing to live your whole life peacefully and die ignorant like this. You pursue to be conquered, and this is what you should do and is the obligation you should fulfill. If you content yourself with being conquered, you are banishing the existence of the light. You should suffer for the truth, devote yourself for the truth, endure humiliations for the truth, and endure more and more afflictions so as to gain more and more truths. This is what you should do. Do not discard the truth for the sake of enjoying the harmony of your family. Do not lose your life’s dignity and integrity for the sake of temporary enjoyment. You should pursue all the beautiful and good things and pursue a more meaningful path of life. Living such a vulgar life and not having any goal to pursue, aren’t you idling your life away? What can you gain? You should give up all your fleshly enjoyments for one truth. You should not discard all the truths for the sake of a little enjoyment. Such a person has no integrity, no dignity, and no meaning to his living!

For God to chastise and judge man is the need of his work, even more the need of man. Man needs to be chastised and judged, and only thus can he love God. Now you have been sincerely convinced, but you collapse when encountering a little setback; your stature is still too small, and you still need to experience such chastisements and judgments more so as to gain a deeper knowledge. Now you only have some fear for God and also dread God, knowing that this is the true God, but you still do not have much love, much less a pure love. Your knowledge is too shallow, and your stature still falls short. When you really encounter a circumstance, you still have no testimony. You have too little entering in on the positive side and do not know how to practice at all. Most people are passive and inactive, only loving God in their hearts secretly but having no ways of practice or clear goals. A perfected person does not only have a normal humanity, but the truths he has are beyond the measure of conscience, higher than the standard of conscience. He does not only repay God’s love by his conscience, but even more he has known God and seen that God is lovely and is worthy of man’s love and that God has many things for man to love and man cannot but love him. A perfected person’s loving God is for fulfilling his own resolution. His love is a spontaneous love, a love based on no reward, and a love without any terms. He loves God only because of his knowledge of God. He is not concerned whether God will give him grace, and as long as he can satisfy God, he will be content. He does not make terms with God, nor does he love God by the measure of conscience: If you have given me something, I will give you love in return; if you do not give me anything, I will give you nothing in return. A perfected person always thinks this way: God is the Creator, and he has done this work on us; since I have the opportunity, the condition, and the qualification to be perfected by him, I should pursue to live out a meaningful life and should satisfy him. This is like what Peter experienced. When he was most weak, he prayed, “God! You know I long for you at any time and in any place. You know I am willing to love you at any time and in any place. But my stature is too small, and I am weak and feeble. My love is too limited, and my sincerity toward you is really too little. Compared with your love, I am simply unworthy to live. I only hope that I will not live my life in vain, not only being able to repay your love but even more to consecrate my all to you. As long as I can satisfy you, I, as a created being, will be gratified in my heart, and I have no other desires. Although now I am weak and feeble, I cannot forget your charges and cannot forget your love. Now I am only repaying your love. God! I am very distressed in my heart. How can I give you the love in my heart in return, do all I can, satisfy your desire, and consecrate my all to you? You know man’s weaknesses. How can I live up to your love? God! You know my stature is small and my love is too little. In such a situation, how can I do all I can? I know I should repay your love, and I know I should give my all to you. But my stature is really too small now. May you give me strength and faith so that I can consecrate more pure love to you and better consecrate my all to you, not only being able to repay your love but even more to experience your chastisement, judgment, and trial, and even severer curse. You have made me see your love; I cannot but love you. Although now I am weak and feeble, how can I forget you? Your love, your chastisement, and your judgment have caused me to know you. Yet I feel I cannot satisfy your love, because you are too great. How can I consecrate my all to the Creator?” He had such a desire, but his stature fell short. At that time Peter felt as if a knife were being twisted in his heart and he was extremely distressed. In such a situation, he did not know what to do. But he went on praying, “God! Man’s stature is small, and man’s conscience is weak. I can only repay your love. Now I do not know how I can satisfy your heart’s desire, do all I can, expend my all, and consecrate all I have to you. No matter whether you judge me or chastise me or whether you bestow to me or take away from me, may you make me have no complaints. Many times when you chastised and judged me, I always had complaints and could not be pure within and could not satisfy your desire, but only repaid your love out of compulsion. Now I hate myself even more.” Peter made such a prayer for seeking a purer love. He was seeking, also supplicating, and even more reproaching himself and confessing to God. He felt indebted to God and felt hatred for himself, yet he was also a bit sorrowful and passive. He always felt that he seemed to be never able to live up to God’s heart’s desire or do all he could. In such a situation, he still pursued Job’s faith. He saw that Job had so great faith at that time because Job saw that his everything was bestowed by God and it was justifiable for God to take it away and that God would give to whom he would and it was God’s righteous disposition, and that Job did not have any complaints and still could praise God. Thus, Peter knew himself. He prayed in his heart, “Now I should not just be content with repaying your love by my conscience and giving you certain amount of love in return, because my thoughts are too corrupt and I cannot regard you as the Creator. As I am still unworthy to love you, I shall reach the extent that I can consecrate my all to you willingly and know all that you do and will make no choice of my own, and I can see your love and can utter your praise and extol your holy name, so that you can gain great glory from me. I am willing to stand this testimony for you. God! Your love is so precious and so beautiful. How can I be willing to live in the hand of the evil one? Am I not created by you? How can I live under the domain of satan? I would rather have my whole being live in your chastisement than live under the domain of the evil one. I am willing to offer my body and heart to your judgment and to your chastisement, as long as I can be purified and can consecrate my all to you, because I loathe satan and hate to live under its domain. You express your righteous disposition through judging me, and I am most willing and have no complaints. As long as I can fulfill my duty as a created being, I am willing to be accompanied by your judgment all my life, and thus know your righteous disposition and break away from the influence of the evil one.” He always prayed and sought like that and reached rather a high state, not only being able to repay God’s love, but more importantly, to fulfill the duty of a created being, not only being free from the accusation of conscience but being above the standard of conscience. His prayers like this constantly came before God, and as a result his resolution became higher and higher and his love for God became greater and greater. Although he was greatly distressed, he still did not forget to love God and still sought so as to understand God’s will. He said such words in his prayer: “I have only requited your love but have not at all borne a testimony for you before satan. I have not at all broken free from the influence of satan and still live in the flesh. I wish to defeat satan and shame satan by my love so as to satisfy your heart’s desire. I am willing to commit my all to you, not giving any of it to satan, because satan is your enemy.” The more he sought in this respect, the more he was moved, and he got a higher and higher knowledge of those things. Unconsciously, he realized that he should break away from the influence of satan and completely give himself to God. That was the state he reached. He transcended over the influence of satan and broke away from his fleshly enjoyments and preferences, and whether it be chastisement or judgment, he was willing to experience it more deeply. He said, “Even if I live in your chastisement and in your judgment, however painful, I am not willing to live under satan’s domain or in satan’s fooling. I find joy in living in your curse and feel pain in living in satan’s blessing. When I live in your judgment to love you, my heart rejoices greatly. Your chastisement and judgment are righteousness and also holiness and are for purifying me and even more for saving me. I would rather live in your judgment all my life to be cared for by you than live under satan’s domain for one second. I would rather be purified by you and undergo sufferings than be used and fooled by satan. I, a created being, should be used by you, occupied by you, judged by you, chastised by you, and even cursed by you. When you are willing to bless me, my heart rejoices in it, because I see your love. You are the Creator, and I am a created being. I should not betray you and live under satan’s domain and should not be used by satan. I should serve as your ox or horse and should not live for satan. I would rather live in your chastisement and have no fleshly blessings, and even if I lose your grace, I will still take it as enjoyment. Although your grace is not with me, I take your chastisement and judgment as enjoyment. They are your best blessings and your greatest grace. Although you always treat me with majesty and wrath, I still cannot leave you and still cannot love you enough. I would rather live in your household and be cursed, chastised, and smitten by you than live under satan’s domain and rush about and labor only for my flesh, and even less live for my flesh.” Such love of Peter was a pure love. This is the experience of being perfected and is the highest state of being perfected. This is the most meaningful life. He accepted God’s chastisement and judgment and treasured God’s righteous disposition. This was his most precious trait. He said, “Satan gives me material enjoyment, but I do not consider it precious. When God’s chastisement and judgment come upon me, I take them as grace and as enjoyment and blessing. Without God’s judgment, I would never love God, and I would still live under satan’s domain and be controlled and dominated by it. In that case, I could never become a real man, because I could not satisfy God and could not consecrate my all to God. Even if God does not bless me so that I lose comfort and feel as if a fire were burning within, having no peace or joy but always being accompanied by God’s chastisement and God’s discipline, I can see God’s righteous disposition from God’s chastisement and judgment, and I find joy in that. This is the most valuable and meaningful thing in life. Although his keeping and care become merciless chastisement, judgment, curse, and smiting, I still take them as enjoyment because they can better purify me, can cause me to be transformed, to draw closer to God, and to love God more and love him more purely, and can cause me to fulfill my duty as a created being, bring me before God, and cause me to break away from satan’s influence and no longer do service for satan. When I no longer live under satan’s domain and can consecrate to God all I have and all I can do without any reserve, I will be fully content. It is God’s chastisement and judgment that have saved me. As long as I live, I cannot leave God’s chastisement or his judgment. Living on earth, I am living under satan’s domain. If God’s chastisement and judgment did not care for me and keep me, I would live under satan’s domain all the time, and I would even less have the opportunity or the way to live out a meaningful life. Only if God’s chastisement and judgment do not leave me can I be purified by God. With God’s stern words and righteous disposition and his majestic judgment, I have been greatly kept, lived in the light, and received God’s blessings. I can be purified and can break free from satan and live under God’s dominion, and this is the greatest blessing in my life.” This is the highest state Peter experienced.

After men have been perfected, what they will achieve is such a state. If you cannot reach that extent, you cannot live out a meaningful life. When men live in the flesh, they are living in hell on earth. Without judgment and chastisement, men are all filthy like satan. How can they be holy? Peter believed: God’s chastisement and God’s judgment are the best keeping and the greatest grace to man. Only if God chastises and judges man can man wake up and hate the flesh and hate satan. God’s strict discipline causes man to break free from satan’s influence and break away from his own little world and live in the light of God’s presence. Chastisement and judgment are indeed the best salvation! He prayed, “God! As long as your chastisement and judgment are with me, I know that you have not left me. Even if you do not give me joy and peace and let me live in suffering and give me numerous chastenings, as long as you have not left me, I feel assured in my heart. Your chastisement and judgment become the best keeping and the greatest blessing to me now. When you give me grace, it is your keeping to me. Now you bestow grace upon me, and this grace is the manifestation of your righteous disposition and is chastisement and also judgment and even more trial and a life of affliction.” He could give up fleshly enjoyments and seek a deeper love and a greater keeping, because he had received so much grace from chastisement and judgment. If one wants to be purified, be transformed in his disposition, live out a meaningful life, and fulfill his duty as a created being in his life, he has to accept God’s chastisement and judgment and let God’s discipline and smiting not leave him, so that he can break away from satan’s manipulation and satan’s influence and live in God’s light. You should know that God’s chastisement and judgment are the light, the light to save man, and are the best blessing, the greatest grace, and the best keeping to man. If man, living under satan’s influence and living in the flesh, is not purified and kept, he will become more and more fallen. If he wants to love God, he has to be purified and saved. Peter prayed, “God, when you treat me leniently, I am happy and comforted. When you chastise me, I feel more comforted and joyful within. Although I have weaknesses, unspeakable pains, tears, and sorrows, you know that my sorrows result from my disobedience and from my weaknesses. I weep for being unable to satisfy your heart’s desire, and I feel sorrow and remorse for being unable to meet your requirements. But I am willing to reach that state and willing to exert all my strength to satisfy you. Your chastisement becomes keeping to me and becomes the best salvation to me, and your judgment surpasses your forbearance and patience. Without your chastisement and judgment, I cannot enjoy your mercy and lovingkindness. Now I have seen all the more that your love transcends the heavens and surpasses everything. Your love is not just mercy and lovingkindness, but it is even more chastisement and judgment. I have received so much from your chastisement and judgment. Without your chastisement and judgment, no one can be purified and no one can taste the Creator’s love. Although I underwent hundreds of trials and hundreds of tribulations and was even at death’s door many times, I have truly known you and have received an exceedingly great salvation. If your chastisement and judgment and your discipline leave me, I will live in darkness and live under satan’s domain. What good is man’s flesh? If your chastisement and judgment leave me, it is as if your Spirit deserts me and as if you are no longer with me. How can I live then? If you give me disease and deprive me of my freedom, I can live. But if your chastisement and judgment leave me, I cannot live. If I have no chastisement and judgment, I lose your love. Your love is too deep, and I cannot express it. If I lose your love, I will live under satan’s domain. Being unable to see your glorious face, how can I live then? In such darkness and such a life, I can hardly go on. When I have your presence, I feel as if I see you. How can I leave you? I sincerely plead with you: please do not take away my greatest comfort, even if it is a few words of comfort from you. I have enjoyed your love, and now I have not been able to stay away from you. How can I not love you? I shed many tears of sorrow because of your love, but I always feel that such a life is more meaningful and it can better enrich me, change me, and cause me to gain the truths a created being should have.”

Men live under satan’s domain all their life, and no one can break free from satan’s influence by himself. They all live in the filthy world, live in corruption, and live in emptiness, without any meaning or worth. They are all living for the flesh, for lust, and for satan in such a carefree way, without any value of existence. And they cannot find the truth through which they can break free from satan’s influence. Even though they believe in God and read the Bible, they do not know how to break away from the control of satan’s influence. Few have discovered or touched such a secret throughout the ages. So, even though men loathe satan and loathe the flesh, they do not know how to break free from the afflicting influence of satan. Aren’t you still under satan’s domain now? After doing something disobedient, you do not repent of yourself, much less feel that you are filthy and disobedient. And after resisting God, you still have an easy conscience and feel very peaceful. Isn’t your peacefulness due to your corruption? Doesn’t your feeling of peacefulness result from your disobedience? Men all live in hell on earth and live in satan’s influence of darkness. The ghosts all over the earth are living with men and gnawing their flesh. On earth you are not living in the wonderful heaven. The land in which you are is the realm of the devils and is hell on earth and the nether world. Men, if not purified, are all filthy. If they are not kept and cared for by God, they are still satan’s captives. If they are not judged and chastised, much less can they break free from the suppression of satan, of the influence of darkness. The corrupt disposition you manifest and the disobedient acts you live out are sufficient to prove that you are still living under satan’s domain. If your minds and thoughts are not purified and your disposition is not judged and chastised, your whole being is still under satan’s domain. Your mind is controlled by satan, your thoughts are manipulated by satan, and your whole being is in satan’s hand. Do you know how far you are now from the standard of Peter? Do you have the qualities? How much do you know about the judgment and chastisement of today? How much of Peter’s knowledge of them do you have? If you cannot know them even now, can you know them in the future? Being so lazy and cowardly, you can in no way know chastisement and know judgment. If you seek after fleshly peace and enjoyment, you cannot be purified. In the end, you will still be returned to satan, because what you live out is satan and the flesh. It can be seen from the present situation that many people do not pursue life at all, that is, they do not pay attention to being purified or entering into deeper experience of life. How can they be perfected then? Whoever does not pursue life has no opportunity to be perfected. Whoever does not pursue to know God or to have his disposition transformed cannot break away from satan’s influence of darkness. Won’t it be in vain if one is not serious about the entering in of knowing God and having his disposition transformed but only observes rituals and attends church services like a person who believes in religion? If one, in believing in God, is not serious about the matters of life, not pursuing to enter into the truth or to have his disposition transformed, much less to know God’s work, he cannot be perfected. If you want to be perfected, you have to understand the significance of God’s work, especially the significance of chastisement and judgment. What exactly is God’s purpose of doing them on man? Can you accept them? Can you gain the same experience and knowledge as Peter’s in such chastisement? If you pursue to know God and know the working of the Holy Spirit and pursue to have your disposition transformed, you will have the opportunity to be perfected. To one to be perfected, the step of work of being conquered is indispensable. Only after he has been conquered can he experience the work of being perfected. If you only serve as a conquered role, you will not have much value and still cannot be fit for God’s use. When the gospel is spread, you will not be able to contribute your part. As you do not pursue life or pursue to have yourself transformed and renewed, you will not have practical experience of life. In these steps of works, you were once a service-doer and a setoff, but if in the end you do not pursue to be Peter or pursue according to the way of Peter’s being perfected, you will certainly have no experience of being transformed in your disposition. If you are one who pursues to be perfected, you will have a testimony, and you will say, “In these steps of works of God, I received God’s work of chastisement and judgment. Although I suffered a lot, I have known how God perfects man, have obtained the works he did, and have known his righteousness. His chastisement has saved me. His righteous disposition came upon me, so that I have received his blessing and grace. His judgment and chastisement have kept me and purified me. Without God’s chastisement and judgment and without his stern words coming to me, I could not know God and could not be saved. Today I have seen that a created being does not just enjoy all the things created by the Creator, but more importantly, every created being should enjoy God’s righteous disposition and righteous judgment, because God’s disposition is worthy for man to enjoy, and a created being corrupted by satan should enjoy God’s righteous disposition. In his righteous disposition there is chastisement, judgment, and much more great love. Although now I have not yet gained all God’s love, I am fortunate to see it, and this is a blessing to me.” This is the way those who experience being perfected walk and the knowledge they communicate. Such people are the ones who are like Peter and the ones who have Peter’s experience. They are also the ones who have gained life and who have the truth. When they experience to the end, they will surely be able to completely break away from satan’s influence through the judgment and be gained by God.

People who have been conquered do not have any resounding testimony. They have only put satan to shame but have not lived out the reality of God’s word. If you fail to gain the second salvation and have only received the sin offering but fail to be perfected, it will be too great a loss. You have to be clear about what you should enter into and what you should live out and should enter into them. If in the end you fail to be perfected, you will not be a real man. Then it will be too late for you to regret. In the beginning, Adam and Eve, who were created by God, were holy men. That is, in the Garden of Eden, they were holy, were not contaminated by filthiness, and were faithful to Jehovah, and they did not know to rebel against Jehovah, because they were not disturbed by satan’s influence and did not have satanic poison. They were the holiest mankind. They lived in the Garden of Eden, with no filthiness defiling them and no flesh occupying them, and they feared Jehovah. Later they were beguiled by satan, and they had the poison of the serpent and had the heart of rebelling against Jehovah and lived under satan’s influence. In the beginning, they were holy and feared Jehovah, and only such ones were man. Later, after they were beguiled by satan, they ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil and lived under satan’s influence and were gradually corrupted by satan, and thus they lost man’s original image. Mankind in the beginning had Jehovah’s breath. They did not have any disobedience at all and had no evil in their heart. The men at that time were real men. After men were corrupted by satan, they have become animals, and what they think about is only evil and filthiness, without goodness or holiness. Aren’t such men satan? If you have experienced many works yet you still have not been transformed and purified and still live under satan’s domain and have no obedience to God, this shows that you are one who has only been conquered but not perfected. Why do I say that you have not been perfected? You do not pursue life or pursue to know God’s work but only hanker after fleshly enjoyment and temporary ease, with the result that you are not transformed in your life disposition and are not restored to the original likeness of man created by God; such a person is a walking corpse, a dead man without a spirit! He who does not pursue to know the things in the spirit or to be holy or to live out the truth, but is only content with being conquered on the negative side and cannot live out and express the truth and become a holy man, such is one not saved. This is because without the truth one cannot stand in trials, and only he who can stand in trials is a saved one. The ones I want are those who are like Peter and those who pursue to be perfected. The truth today is bestowed to those who thirst for and seek it. This salvation is bestowed to those who thirst for being saved by God. It is not only for you to gain, but it is so that you can be gained by God. For you to gain God is in order for God to gain you. The words I speak to you today you all have heard, and you all should practice according to these words. When you can put these words into practice in the end, it will mean that I have gained you through these words, and at the same time you have gained these words, that is, you have gained this exceedingly great salvation. When you have been purified, you will be real men. If you cannot live out the truth or live out the likeness of a perfected man, it can be said that you are not a man but a walking corpse and an animal. As you do not have the truth, that is, do not have Jehovah’s breath, you are a dead man without a spirit! Although you can bear testimony after being conquered, you have only received a little salvation and have not become a living man with a spirit. Although you have undergone chastisement and judgment, your disposition has not been renewed and transformed because of that, and you are still an old man, a man of satan, not a purified man. Only those who have been perfected are of value, and only such ones have gained a true human life. One day people may ask you, “You have experienced God’s work, so please talk about what God’s work is. David experienced God’s work and saw Jehovah’s deeds, and Moses saw Jehovah’s deeds. They could recount Jehovah’s deeds and Jehovah’s wonderfulness. You have seen the work done by the incarnated God; can you talk about his wisdom? Can you talk about the wonderfulness of his working? What does God require of you, and how have you experienced? You have experienced God’s work in the end time; what is your greatest vision? Can you talk about it? Can you talk about God’s righteous disposition?” Confronted with these questions, how will you answer them? If you say, “God is really too righteous. He chastises us and judges us and unsparingly exposes us. God’s disposition indeed does not tolerate man’s offense. Having experienced God’s work, I have known that we are truly animals, and I have really seen God’s righteous disposition,” they will continue to ask you, “What else do you know about God? What do you do in life entering? Do you have your own resolution?” And you may say, “After being corrupted by satan, created beings have become animals, like donkeys. Today living in God’s hand, I should satisfy the Creator’s heart’s desire. However he disciplines me, I will obey and make no other choice.” If you only say such general things, they cannot understand. When they ask you what knowledge you have of God’s work, they are asking about your own experience and what you know about the chastisement and judgment after you experience them. They are asking about your own experience and want you to communicate your knowledge about the truth. If you cannot communicate anything, it proves that you do not know the work of today at all. If you always say some things that are specious or known to all, but do not have detailed experiences, much less substantive knowledge or real testimony, others will not be convinced by you. Do not be a person who follows passively, and do not be a person who pursues curious things. Your being lukewarm like this will ruin you and spoil your life. You should break away from such a passive and inactive state, and know how to pursue positive things and how to overcome your weak points so as to gain the truth and live out the truth. Your weaknesses are not to be feared, and your defects are not your biggest problem. But your lukewarm heart of not seeking the truth is your biggest problem and biggest defect. The biggest problem with every one of you is your cowardly mind of being content with your present situation and waiting passively. This is the greatest hindrance to you and the greatest enemy to your pursuing the truth. If you have become obedient only because the words I speak are too profound, you are not one who truly has knowledge or who treasures the truth. Such obedience of yours is not testimony, and I will not approve of it. Someone may ask you, “Where is your God from? What is his substance within?” You may say, “His substance is chastisement and judgment.” “Doesn’t God bestow mercy and lovingkindness upon man? Do you know?” You may say, “That is the God of others, the God people in religion believe in, not our God.” If you are asked to preach the gospel, the true way will be distorted by you. What can you be good for? How can others receive the true way from you? You have no truth and cannot speak forth the truth, much less live out the truth, so what qualification do you have to live before God? When you preach the gospel, speak the truth, and testify God to others, if you cannot refute them, they will refute you. Then won’t you be a useless one? Having experienced so many works, you still cannot make any truth plain and clear. Aren’t you a good-for-nothing? What can you be good for? Having experienced so many works, do you not even have a bit of knowledge of God? When you are asked what true knowledge of God you have, you become speechless or say some trifling things to deal with others, saying that God is mighty, and that it is really God’s uplifting that you have received such a great blessing, and it is really an extremely great honor to see God yourself. What value does your talk have? It is all useless words! Having experienced so many works, do you only know that God’s uplifting is a truth? You have to have knowledge of God’s work, so that you will have a real testimony. How can one who has not gained the truth testify God?

If so many works and so many words fail to produce results on you, when the work is spread, you, unable to perform any duty, will be disgraced and ashamed. At that time, you will feel that you owe God too much and have too superficial knowledge of God. Now is the time when God is doing the work; if you do not pursue to know him, it will be too late for you to pursue in the future. If in the end you cannot communicate any knowledge and are empty within, not having anything, what account can you give? Will you have the face to see God? You should pursue hard now, so that in the end you can be like Peter, realizing that God’s chastisement and judgment are very beneficial to men and without his chastisement and judgment, men cannot be saved and can only sink deeper and deeper in this filthy land and in the mire. Men have all been corrupted by satan; they scheme against one another, trample on one another, and have lost their heart of fearing God, and they have too grievous disobedience and too many notions. They all are of satan. Without God’s chastisement and judgment, they cannot be purified of their corrupt disposition and cannot be saved. What the incarnated God expresses in his working in the flesh is the very expression of the Spirit, and he works as the Spirit does. If today you gain no knowledge of these works, you are too foolish, and you miss too much! If you fail to gain God’s salvation, your belief is a religious belief, and you are a religious Christian, who misses the new work of the Holy Spirit because of keeping dead regulations. Others pursue to love God and can gain the truth and life, whereas your belief cannot be approved by God, but on the contrary you become one who does evil and who does destructive and abominable things and become a laughingstock to satan and a captive of satan. God is not a God for man to believe in but for man to love and to pursue and worship. If you do not pursue now, one day you will say, “If only I had done my best to follow God and to satisfy God at that time. If only I had pursued to have my life disposition transformed at that time. I really regret that I did not obey God and did not pursue to know God’s words at that time. God spoke so many words at that time, but why did I not pursue? I was really too foolish!” You will hate yourself to a degree. Now you do not believe or pay attention to my words. One day when this work is spread and you see all of it, you will regret. At that time, you will be dumbfounded. When there are blessings, you do not know to enjoy them, and when there is the truth, you do not pursue it. Aren’t you inviting trouble? Now although the next step of work has not yet been carried out, what is required of you and what you are asked to live out now are not something extra. Are so many works and so many truths not worthy for you to know? Can chastisement and judgment not arouse your spirit? Can chastisement and judgment not cause you to hate yourself? Are you content with living under satan’s influence and having peace and joy and some fleshly ease? Aren’t you a lowest person? He who sees the salvation but does not pursue to gain it is a most foolish man and is one who indulges in the flesh and who enjoys satan. You hope that you will not have any difficulty, affliction, or suffering when believing in God. You always pursue these worthless things but treat your life as something not worth a penny and put your personal extravagant thoughts before the truth. You are too worthless! You live like swine; are you any different from swine and dogs? Aren’t all those who do not pursue the truth but love the flesh animals? Aren’t all the dead ones without a spirit walking corpses? How many words have I spoken among you? Have I not done enough works among you? How much have I supplied you among you? But why have you not gained them? What complaints do you have? Isn’t it because you love your flesh too much that you have not gained them? Isn’t it because your thoughts are too extravagant? Isn’t it because you are too stupid? You fail to receive this blessing, but can you blame God by saying that God has not saved you? You only pursue to receive peace after believing in God: Your children will suffer no illness, your husband will have a good job, your son will find a good wife, your daughter will marry into a good family, your ox and horse can plow hard for you, and the weather will be favorable throughout the year. You only pursue these. You only pursue to live an easy life: No trouble will happen to your family, no wind will blow on you, no sand will hit your face, and no flood will inundate your crops; no disaster will touch you, and you will live in “God’s bosom” and live in a cozy nest. You, such a coward, only seek after the flesh; do you have a heart and a spirit? Aren’t you an animal? The true way has been bestowed to you freely, but you do not pursue it; are you a believer in God? The true human life has been bestowed to you, but you do not pursue it; aren’t you like swine and dogs? Swine do not pursue life or pursue to be cleansed and do not know what life means but just sleep after eating and drinking their fill every day. The true way has been bestowed to you, but you have not gained it, with your hands empty. Are you willing to continue such a life of swine? What meaning does it have for such a person to live? You live a contemptible and low life and live in filthiness and licentiousness and do not have any goal to pursue. Isn’t your life the lowest life? Will you have the face to see God? If you continue to experience like this, won’t you end up with nothing? The true way has been bestowed to you, but whether you can gain it in the end depends on your own pursuit. People all say, “God is a righteous God. As long as one follows to the end, he will not treat him unfairly, because he is most righteous. If one follows to the end, will he discard him?” I show no favoritism to anyone and judge all people with my righteous disposition. But all my requirements for people are with proper conditions, and everyone, whoever he is, has to meet my requirements. I do not look at how long your service is or how high your seniority is. I only look at whether you are one who walks in my ways and whether you are one who adores the truth. If you do not have the truth but on the contrary put my name to shame, do not walk according to my ways, and only follow in a carefree way, at that time God will strike you down and punish you for your evil. What can you have to say? Can you say that God is not righteous? If you obey all the words I speak today, such a person I will approve. You may say that you have suffered all along while following God, running through wind and rain and sharing hardships and sufferings with God. But you fail to live out the words God has spoken. You think it is enough that you follow God running around every day, and you do not think about living out a meaningful life; and you say that anyhow you believe that God is righteous and as you have suffered for him, run for him, and consecrated to him, having done hard work if not good work, he will surely remember you. It is true that God is righteous, but his righteousness is not mixed with impurities, without man’s will and not mixed with flesh or man’s bargaining. All those who disobey and resist him and who do not keep his ways will be punished. None of them will be forgiven or let off! Some people ask, “Now I am running for you; will you give me some blessing in the end?” Then let me ask you, “Have you kept my words?” The righteousness you speak about is based on bargaining. You only consider that I am righteous and will not treat anyone unfairly, and he who follows to the end will surely be saved and will surely receive my blessings. My word “He who follows to the end will surely be saved” has its inner meaning. He who follows to the end is one who is completely gained by me and one who, after being conquered by me, seeks the truth and is perfected. How many of these requirements have you met? You only meet the one “follow to the end.” What about the others? Have you obeyed my words? I have given five requirements, but you only meet one of them and do not intend to meet the other four. You just find a simplest and easiest way and pursue with the try-your-luck mentality. To such a person as you, my righteous disposition means nothing but chastisement, judgment, and righteous retribution. It means righteous punishment to all the evildoers. All those who do not walk in my ways will surely be punished even if they follow to the end. This is God’s righteousness. When such righteous disposition is expressed to punish people, they will be dumbfounded and regret that they have not walked in God’s ways while following him: At that time I only followed and underwent some suffering but did not walk in God’s ways. So I have nothing to say. I will have to suffer chastisement! Yet in their heart they think: Anyhow I have followed to the end. Even if you chastise me, it cannot be very severe. After I suffer this chastisement, you will still want me. I know you are righteous. You will not treat me this way all the time. After all, I am different from those to perish. The ones to perish shall suffer severe chastisement, and I will suffer lighter chastisement. The righteous disposition is not as what you say about it. It does not mean that everyone who makes a good confession of his sins will be dealt with leniently. Righteousness is holiness and is the disposition that does not tolerate man’s offense; all those who are filthy and not transformed are the objects of God’s loathing. The righteous disposition is not law but administration, the administration in the kingdom. Such administration means righteous punishment and no possibility of being saved to anyone who has no truth and is not transformed. This is because when all men are after their kinds, God will punish the evil and reward the good. That will be the time when mankind’s destinations are revealed and when the work of salvation ends, and God will no longer do the work of saving man but will repay everyone who does evil. Some people say: God remembers every one of those who are often with him. When the sisters are mentioned, I am one of them. When the brothers are mentioned, I am one of them. God will not forget any one of us. We are surely ones who will be perfected by God. God does not remember those below. There will surely be fewer perfected ones among them than among us who often contact God. God will not forget any one of us. We all are approved by God and are surely ones who will be perfected by God. You all have such a notion. Is this righteousness? Have you practiced the truth? You even spread such a rumor. How shameless you are!

Now some people pursue to be used. One cannot be directly used after being conquered. When people are needed for use, if you still have not lived up to the words I speak now, it means that you have not been perfected. Whether one will be eliminated or used will be decided when the time of perfecting people comes to an end. A conquered man is only a negative example; he is a specimen and model, but is only a negative setoff. Only he who has life, is transformed in his disposition, and is changed within and without is one who has been thoroughly made complete. Now which do you choose, being conquered or being perfected? Which do you wish to achieve? How many of the conditions for being perfected have you met now? Which ones have you not met? How should you equip yourself and make up for your lack? How should you step onto the way of being perfected? How should you be completely obedient? You ask to be perfected; then are you one who pursues to be holy? Are you one who pursues to be kept by chastisement and judgment? You pursue to be purified; then are you willing to accept chastisement and judgment? You ask to know God; then are you one who has knowledge of chastisement and judgment? Now most of the works done on you are chastisements and are judgments; what do you know about these works done on you? Have the chastisements and judgments you have experienced purified you? Have they transformed you? Have they produced results on you? As to so many works of today, cursing, judging, and disclosing, do you feel tired of them or do you feel that they are very beneficial to you? You love God, but for what reason do you love him? Do you love God because of the only bit of grace or because you have received peace and joy? Or do you love God because you have been purified by chastisement and judgment? For what reason do you love God? What conditions did Peter have for being perfected? What were his main manifestations after he was perfected? Did he love the Lord Jesus because he missed him or because he could not see him or because he felt rebuked? Or was it because he knew his filthiness and disobedience and knew the Lord’s holiness through suffering tribulations that he loved the Lord Jesus more? Did his heart of loving God become purer because of chastisement and judgment or because of something else? Which was the reason exactly? You love God because of grace and because of a little blessing today; is it a true love? How should you love God? Shouldn’t you accept chastisement and judgment so that after seeing his righteous disposition, you can have a true love and be completely convinced and have some knowledge of him? Are you able to say “I cannot love God enough” as Peter did? Are you pursuing to be conquered or to be purified and kept and cared for after being chastised and judged? Which exactly are you pursuing? Is your life a meaningful life or a worthless and meaningless life? Do you want the flesh or the truth? Do you want judgment or ease? Having experienced so many works and seen God’s holiness and righteousness, how should you pursue? How should you walk this path? How should you practice loving God? Have the chastisements and judgments produced results on you? Whether you have knowledge of chastisement and judgment is judged from your living out and from the extent of your loving God! You say with your mouth that you love God, but what you live out is your old corrupt disposition, and you do not have any fear of God, much less have a conscience. Is such a person one who loves God? Is such a person faithful to God? Is such a person one who accepts chastisement and judgment? You say that you love God and you believe in God, but you still hold on to your own notions, and in your working, entering in, speaking, and living, you do not have any manifestation of loving God and do not have a heart of fearing God. Is this a person who has gained chastisement and judgment? Can such a person be a Peter? Are people like Peter ones who only have knowledge but do not have living out? What are the conditions people are required to meet for living out a true human life now? Were Peter’s prayers only spoken out from his mouth? Were they not words from the depth of his heart? Was Peter a person who only prayed but did not practice the truth? For whom are you pursuing? How should you have yourself kept and purified in chastisement and judgment? Are chastisements and judgments unbeneficial to men? Are all judgments punishments? Are peace and joy and material blessings and temporary ease the only things beneficial to man’s life? If one lives in an easy and comfortable environment and lives without judgment, can he be purified? How should one receive perfecting if he wants to be transformed and purified? Which way should you choose now?


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